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Flagship Ciders

16oz pour - $6.95

4 pack to go - $11.95

Growlers - $16.95-$20.95

Malice - Where it all began. This Eastern English style, off dry cider was our first cider, and is still one of our top sellers.  The perfect intersection of five apple varieties. 6.5% ABV

522 Black Currant - A traditional “Cider & Black.”  Black currant juice is added after fermentation to imbue tart acidity and a subtle fruity finish.
6.2% ABV

Pious Pear - A 60/40 blend of apples and pears, fermented to perfection. This combination creates a fruity cider with soft sugars. 6% ABV.

VA-Ginga - Fresh pressed ginger is added to this special apple blend to create a clean tasting, off dry cider, with tangy finish. 6% ABV.

WyldCide - What’s better than black currant or ginger in your cider?  Black currant AND ginger in your cider! Tart and tangy 6.2% ABV.

Copestone -  Totally dry cider with subtle tannins.  Two apple varieties are fermented separately with different yeast, then blended together.  Available carbonated or still. 6.2% ABV - 12oz pour - $7.95 - Growlers - $18.95-$29.95

Seasonal Ciders

16oz pour - $6.95

4 pack to go - $11.95

Growlers - $16.95-$20.95

Dandy Shandy - Two years in the making.  Carefully aged, then blended with lemon juice and honey.  Light and refreshing even on summer’s hottest days. 6% ABV.

Summer Fruits
- Made with Blackcurrants, Cherries, Strawberries, Raspberries and Cranberries. 6% ABV.

Natural Fermentations

12oz pour - $7.95

500 ml Bottles - $9.95

Growlers - $18.95-$29.95

Sour Puss - Slow fermentation over 10 months. Sour peaches were then added and then age for another 2 months to complete the souring process. Lightly filtered and carbonated. Dry and sour. 6% ABV.

Thwaite’s Red Wine Barrel - Fermented to dryness in a Cabernet Franc barrel. 6.2% ABV

Thwaite’s Turmeric Chai - Fermented with Turmeric and Chai Tea bags. 6.2% ABV

Cyser - A naturally fermented cider using 100% Goldrush apples is then blended with mead (fermented honey) from Misty Mountain Meadworks  
6.2% ABV

Barrel Aged Ciders

12oz pour - $6.95

500 ml Bottles - $9.95

Growlers - $18.95-$29.95

The Winston - Named for our cider maker’s dog, The Winston is a blend of our original Malice and barrel aged Bourbon cider.  The perfect balance of sweetness with a little bite. Carbonated and off-dry with bourbon notes. 6.2% ABV

Wicked Wiles Bourbon - Western English style, barrel-aged “still” cider. Aged for a minimum of nine months. When cold, it will have sour apple notes with a hint of bourbon. As it warms, the sourness fades to reveal more enhanced bourbon flavors. 8% ABV.

Wicked Wiles Rye - Barrel aged in the same manner as our Bourbon resulting in a “still” cider with subtle Rye notes. 8% ABV.

Wicked Wiles Spiced Rum - Barrel aged with 17 different spices.  Can you name them all? Served cold and carbonated, some like to let this warm up while they sip it.

Wicked Wiles Brandy - A carbonated version of the Wicked Wiles Barrel Aged series. Warm and luscious Brandy notes.  8% ABV.


12oz pour - $8.95

750 ml Bottles - $32.95 - $39.95

From Misty Mountain Meadworks here in Winchester
Mead is made with three simple ingredients: Local honey, water and yeast.

Wild Flower - 12% ABV

750ml Bottle - $32.95

Lemon Honey - 11% ABV
750ml Bottle - $32.95

Orange Blossom - 11% ABV  (Limited availability)
No pours available
750ml Bottle - $39.95


Cheese and Crackers -

From Harvue Farms in Berryville, VA - Cheddar, Wood Smoked, Tomato Peppercorn, Garlic & Chive, Horseradish Cheddar or Dill.  Served with Carr Crackers - 8oz block - $12.95

From Goot Essa Farms, Howard PA - Sharp Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Old German, Wood Smoked

Served with Carr Crackers - 4oz block - $10.95 - 8oz block - $13.95


Apple Cider Mustard wit Mini Pretzels - $3.95

Rt. 11 Potato Chips - Made just south of us in Broadway, VA.  Flavors on display behind bar.  $1.95 ea.

Apple Cider Mustard - Mustard made in Winchester VA  

12oz jar - $6.95

12oz squeeze bottle - $7.95


Because we do not have an larger onsite food options at this time, you are welcome to bring in outside food.

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