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Before prohibition, cider was the drink of choice for the American working man. Every sensible farmer with a few trees would have his own home fermented cider, it was only natural.

In England, cider never lost its stature as a staple libation. The diversity and quality of English ciders is well-known to the traveling tippler.

Find out what happens when an Englishman with cider in his heritage, uses American apples to recreate beverages of beauty!

 Winchester Ciderworks' creations.

The foundation for the Ciderworks' tasting room was laid in 1900, and the building served for decades as a barn for the orchardists until it was converted to an apple cold storage facility in 1946. 

Winchester Ciderworks' tasting room is a natural evolution of this space, and overhead you can still see the refrigeration lines which once kept crops of Malus cool and fresh until processing.  

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