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Pressing, Pressing, Pressing

What do we do with our time when we are not pressing and making cider for ourselves? We press a LOT for other cider companies both here in Virginia and elsewhere. So far this year we have pressed for Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Maryland and Oklahoma!

In the past month we have pressed (and fermented for some clients) over 15,000 gallons of juice. That is a lot of apples! On any normal day, if there is such a thing here, we press 1500 gallons, depending on the apple age and variety.

It is messy work and takes a lot of preparation in cleanliness and ensuring all our machinery is in good working order. After pressing each day comes the fun part. Cleaning up. It takes around two hours each day just to clean up to make sure everything is in good order for the following day. it involves a lot of water and a lot of time getting wet.

So next time you are drinking a cider just think how much work goes into getting that product to you. If anyone feels the desire to help us press then feel free to contact us. You will appreciate our work a whole lot more!

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